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About us is a compatibility-based dating and relationship site. Using solid logic and reliable questionnaires, has the tools to guide you towards people who are the best matches for you, to help light that initial spark then build a lasting relationship. Love doesn't just mean living dangerously; because knowing who you are and what you want means that luck is on its side, when you register, has designed an exclusive questionnaire for you.

The questionnaire has developed a unique questionnaire with intelligent questions that cover all aspects of your personality.

Consisting of around a hundred questions, the Questionnaire has been designed round the experiences and opinions of a large number of couples who have been living together for at least a year. Covering subjects like your values, attitude to work, plans, hobbies and the role of relationships and family in your life, our carefully-designed, detailed questionnaire measures how open you are to new things, how conscientious, extrovert or friendly you are, as well as your personal equilibrium.

Your personality report

The results of your Questionnaire allow us to establish your personality report.

Data confidentiality and security

The results of your questionnaire are personal, and information about you is kept strictly confidential.

The unique username you will be asked to create allows anonymous contact and communication with other members. Your registered email address can never be seen by other members, and you can choose to keep your photo hidden.

To ensure quality, we check all content displayed on profiles (photos and personal ads) before publishing them on the site.

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Registering on is free!

The Affinity Questionnaire and personal report are free. Once you've completed the questionnaire, we will introduce you to people who are compatible with you, and send you an affinity report for each one.

Then, if you want unlimited contact with your matches to give yourself the best possible chance of finding love, you can choose one of our subscription packages (3 months, 6 months or 12 months) so you can read and answer your messages and see the photos your matches have chosen to show you.

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