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Registration is easy, secure and absolutely free. Once you've done it, all you have to do is to complete the Affiny Questionnaire.
It's based on psychological and behavioural research and helps us get to know you. From the little things to the big things in life, your work, passions and vision of life as a couple, your perfect night out and your life plans, we add up and analyse everything that makes up your personality - and makes you you. This means we can offer you matches we believe you might hit it off with. A small dash of logic gives you a big chance of finding your soulmate.

 Step 2: Explore.

Based on your responses to our Affiny Questionnaire, we select from our thousands of members those special people who you might click with. And to give you an even clearer picture, when you look at their profiles you'll see your shared affinity score and a detailed report of the things you have in common. This is based on 71 criteria that help to construct a lasting relationship. Because we believe that something as important as your future should not be left to chance.

 Step 3: Get in touch.

Once we've chosen your matches, we leave you to get in touch with those you're interested in, at your own pace and in your own way. And because at Affiny we want to support you in your quest for love, we've created a series of articles on dating and relationships to help you.

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